If you’re looking for corporate team building activities to do in Raleigh, you’ve come to the right place! Raleigh and surrounding areas like Durham / Chapel Hill have been booming in recent years as an influx of entrepreneurs set up shop. This increase in start-ups has led to an evolution in Raleigh’s corporate culture, and with it have come some of the best and most unique corporate team building activities in NC! As the owner of Primo Limo, we’ve had the honor of transporting corporate clients to and from these events, and we are the first to get feedback about how they went. After years of experience with these events, we thought we would share some of the best corporate team building activities in Raleigh.

What is Corporate Team Building?

Team building is one of the best strategies to engage employees, and get them interacting in new ways. The reason team building is so successful is that it allows team members to connect in unique and refreshing ways, breaking through barriers built up by the monotony of their routine interaction.

Why Is Corporate Team Building Important?

When employees spend time together outside the office, it often leads to more developed interpersonal relationships and increases the effectiveness of communication. In your day-to-day work, you and your peers often perform the same role and follow the same authority hierarchy, but the reason team building is effective is it shakes things up! Unfortunately, that is one reason people stray away from it. Employees or management for that matter may feel uneasy about stepping out of their comfort zone, as most people tend to avoid change. Since team building is so effective, we simply can’t ignore it. So, the best way to make sure everyone is on board is to choose the right activity – that way, people actually WANT to be involved!

Choosing A Team Building Activity

Since Raleigh has so many options for team building activities, we thought we would help narrow down your decision by putting together a list of our favorites from the area. Whether you’re looking to engage the team to solve problems, interact in new ways, or simply get out of the office and have some fun together, we’ve included it all.

Problem Solving Team Building Activites Around Raleigh

Escape Room 5280

Escape Rooms: It’s no “puzzle” why escape rooms are one of the most popular team building activities in the U.S.! If you’re unfamiliar with escape rooms, this is how they work:

A team of participants is “locked” in a room, and must solve a series of puzzles to be set free. There is a time constraint, and the puzzles are set up in such a way that encourages collaboration to solve it as quickly as possible. The puzzles are challenging and creative, everyone contributes as equals and have fun while doing it! This is why we think escape rooms are one of the best activities you can choose to help boost team communication and morale!

Popular Escape Rooms in Raleigh

Unique Outdoor Team Building in Raleigh

  • Tree Runner Raleigh: This is one of the most unique team-building experiences Raleigh has to offer!  The Tree Runner Adventure Park has over 70 exciting obstacles and zip lines, ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty, you can be assured that your entire group will have a great time climbing at our park! This is a great team-building exercise for large groups as they organize private events for up to 300 people!
  • Scavenger Hunts: There are many scavenger hunts in the area, including this one by Watson Adventures, that takes place in Downtown Raleigh and takes you on a journey to uncover hidden history along Fayetteville and neighboring blocks!

Corporate Team Building Through Sports

Sometimes, you don’t want to do more strategic problem solving as a group after work, in that case, you may way to stray away from Scavenger Hunts, and Escape Rooms and lean toward something more fun and easy-going – like sports!

Rush Hour Go-Kart Racing (Garner): This high-speed adult Go-Kart facility in Garner has its own pre-designed races for corporate clients to provide a truly unique team-building experience. Your group will be split into 2-6 member racing teams, and throughout the race will undergo mandatory pit stops for driver changes! This is suitable for large corporate groups of up to 300!

Kings Bowl (Raleigh): If high-speed Go-Kart racing is too intense for the team, a laid back alternative that everyone loves is bowling! Kings Bowl is a classy bowling alley that offers great food & drinks! This is a great option for smaller teams or groups that are working with a limited budget.

Durham Bulls Game: Maybe you don’t have any athletes at the office, that’s okay too! Even getting the team out together to enjoy WATCHING sports can be great. Tickets to our Durham Bulls baseball team are affordable, and the games are always action-packed! Although it’s unlikely your team will be solving any strategic problems during the game, they will be interacting in a comfort zone that many people have trouble finding in the workplace. Developing a deeper bond with coworkers outside of the workplace has proven effective for increasing interpersonal communications within the office as well – so get out and enjoy a game!

How Much Does It Cost to Do Team Building Activities?

The cost for team building varies based on activity, and the size of the group, but the good news is, there is a full spectrum of options right here in Raleigh! For large corporate groups, the Go-Karting is our favorite choice as it is unique, fun and cost-effective coming in at a cost of under $20/person if you rent the track for 4 hours with 300 employees! For smaller groups, an Escape Room is our favorite choice. With the unique problem-solving experience you get at an average price of $25/person you can’t go wrong!

Transportation for Corporate Team Building

If you’re looking for transportation to your next corporate team building event, we would be happy to serve you! Primo Limo has been providing corporate limo service for some of Raleigh and Durhams largest corporations since 2015! Get a limo quote online or, you can call us at 919-559-1178 to discuss your event and get pricing.

We hope this article was able to help give you some tips to help you plan the perfect team-building experience in Raleigh!